We are a team of students from Brunel University in the final year of a Masters course in Motorsport Engineering. This webpage is to document our final year project and display the results to industry, potential employers and the public.

We have sections of the website dedicated to each area, you can find them in the "work and events" dropdown tab above, or by clicking these links:

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We keep an overview of each section in these areas, along with links to individual articles, the latest of which will pop up on the home page as we post them! Below is a very brief project overview:

Project Aims:

To redesign the nozzle of a variable geometry turbocharger to achieve increased performance

This Will Involve:

- Reverse engineering an retrofitting our parts to an existing design (Holset HY40-V)
- Produce designs in CAD for analysis
- Analyse flow using CFD
- Analyse material performance using FEA
- Manufacture the parts for testing using 3D printing
- Test in a dedicated cold-flow test facility


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