Testing began at the start of February 2014, and although some problems were encountered two forms of testing are were used to evaluate the final design against the original Holset HY40V model.

The testing facility we used is part of the existing engine laboratories at Brunel University:

We undertook two different methods of testing:

1) A half turbocharger model comprising of the turbine side only and no turbine wheel. This was so we could access the nozzle ring with a Pitot tube in order to measure local flow velocity.

2) A full turbocharger, complete with the compressor side and oil system.

Modification of some of the air inlet mounting was required and also some of the components were produced using rapid prototyping methods. Click here to see more information.

A plot of the initial data from the Holset vane ring, collected during experiment 1, for the change in air speed for different rack positions was produced.


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