The first major step forward in our project occurred with the delivery of our Turbocharger. The model in question is a Holset HY40-V with a sliding vane mechanism. The guys were very keen to get this taken apart, and we were quick to grab a copy of the manual and technical drawings so we could start work...

A collection of the dismantled turbocharger parts following an hours work. 

Thanks to Vijay, our resident techno-wiz, we also have a time-lapse-style video of some of the dismantling process, which can be seen below (Or on youtube:

All in all this was a rewarding hour or so to spend, we all developed a better understanding of how the product goes together, this can only help us in trying to improve its design. The next steps in the process of initial analysis are to scan significant parts using either a CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) or a FaroArm laser scanning tool.

These steps are to enable us to build an accurate CAD model by importing physical data from the scanning machines; from this point we can use the initial design as a benchmark in CFD and create our own designs to hopefully improve performance.


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